Are You Ready for ESG?

Today’s investor is becoming more financially savvy and investing with their money and their hearts.  They are wanting answers from companies from their views and actions in the Environmental, Social and Governance space.  In some cases, they are becoming very active in shareholder meetings and in pushing for more information to be shared.  How can your company get ahead of these questions, be more transparent and demonstrate leadership in these areas of concern?

Is your company prepared to answer these questions?

Do you have systems in place to capture your company’s performance?

How are your trusted suppliers performing?

Where is the weak link in your industry and how can you address it?

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

There are a few core areas a company needs to identify reflective of their own industry, however not all industries act alike nor are they susceptible to the same concerns.  Next is to identify those areas your company has accurate, trackable and measurable data points creating a baseline of performance.  Internally the discussions of how to make changes and plans for structural, procedural and or human capital can take place helping to formulate an actionable plan.

But then what…

How do you ensure proper collection of these data points and measure your company’s performance on this journey?  Our ESG software can be the solution you need to get your company started and will help pull in your own Supplier network so you will have a more comprehensive view of the impact your company is making towards your targets, in turn providing investors the answers to serious questions.

Consider the following outline of areas to start asking questions.

  • Environmental
    • Climate Impact
    • Sustainability
  • Social Concerns
    • Diversity
    • Human Rights
    • Consumer Protection
    • Animal Welfare
  • Corporate Governance:
    • Management Structure
    • Employee Relations
    • Executive Compensation
    • Employee Compensation